42: the idea

The beginning

Paragraph 42 was established in 2017 by three reputable professionals in the field of communications – Gergana Ivanova, Radoslav Bimbalov and Alexander Hristov.

We are a part of The Smarts big family of agencies, contributing to the synergy and rich portfolio of communication solutions.

Why Paragraph 42? Because in the agency we always look for efficient solutions and strive to give answers to important questions in terms of communications.

Agency philosophy

We believe that the communications can make the world and the business better and that change can be measured.

Paragraph 42 provides ideas that exceed the expectations. We justify them with analyses and strong arguments. The agency stands behind positions that combine evaluation of PR activities and proposals for development. And we aim to achieve accuracy and objectivity and more value for investments in PR.

Therefore, in Paragraph 42 we offer the whole portfolio of PR activities, but we are specialized in measurement and evaluation of their effectiveness. This will make the PR budgets better justified.

Partnership with Ketchum

Paragraph 42 is a preferred partner of the global communication agency Ketchum in Bulgaria. This gives access to priceless knowledge and know-how, which is  beneficial for consumers, companies and for the agency.


Strategic consultancy

Communication campaigns

Event management

Publicity campaigns and media relations

CSR campaigns

Crisis communications

Influencer marketing campaigns



Radoslav has been involved in media and advertising for the last 20 years, being mostly creative director and manager of advertising agencies. Prior to his contribution in establishing The Smarts and other agencies in the group, he was famous as one of the Zamunda Banana Band duo. His profile is completed by a book, a blog and numerous show appearances.

Gergana is now the owner and managing director of The Smarts – she entered the advertising business in 1997 and hasn’t left ever since. Gergana has an experience with clients in almost every field and in the recent years she is involved in promotion of agencies in the group as creative power with strong strategic base.

Alexander is one of the leading PR professionals in our country with over 20 years of experience in agencies and companies and many successful projects behind him. He teaches at the UNWE and at the New Bulgarian university, has served two terms as chairman of the Bulgarian Public Relations Association and has published four books. He sleeps a little, writes a lot, and is convinced that communications are important for big changes in business and society.

Raya is a PR professional with 15 years of experience and a portfolio of dozens successful campaigns for international brands in almost every business area. She loves reading (books and especially magazines) and practicing yoga. She finds happiness in the little things, believes in positive thinking and insistently seeks work-life balance.

Plamena has more than 8 years of experience in the field of communications. She started her carrier as a PR specialist and subsequently upgraded her professionalism with an experience in advertising as Account Manager. She is striving to find the balance both in the professional and personal life and believes that the power is exactly in the balance.

Iveta is a highly motivated, hard-working and enthusiastic individual with attention to detail and experience in working effectively as a part of TV production and PR teams in Bulgaria’s biggest Broadcasting Media Platforms. She’s been in more than 25 countries for the past two years and strongly believes that inner balance can be found through eye-opening journeys.

Plamena is a PR specialist with extensive experience in communications, including the implementation of big campaigns and events.With a charming smile she conquers the hearts of the clients, and in her free time she enjoys working on her site, the first of its kind challenge blog in the country – Marck.bg.

Sonya is a media and PR professional. She has been working in the field of communications for more than two years and knows that the closest to her heart are the social topics and campaigns. She believes that if everyone puts effort, the world will be a better place to live in. Loves travelling, communicating with interesting people and bringing her imagination into the world of fantasy books, films and games.

Maria has 3 years of experience in the digital marketing field, as well as in working with clients. Although she is new in the communication and PR field, she is always willing to accept new challenges. She loves spending her free time outside, in nature and to travel and get to know new and exciting destinations.

Gabrina begins her career as a PR Specialist in Paragraph 42’s internship program. With motivation and a sense of success, she dives into the deep waters of communication. Despite her brief experience, she swims confidently and is ready to take on the challenges of work with a smile.

Adriana already has a good background on the other side – in media, and it definitely helps her build bridges between them and companies. She is passionate about preparation of lifestyle texts, and with the same passion she enters the world of PR. Although she is new in the field, she enthusiastically accepts every challenge.



Measurement and evaluation prior to campaign or PR activity to achieve better results and higher efficiency.

  • Media audit. Research of the attitude of media towards the company/brand and the sector and recommendations for development and improvement of the communication messages for media to achieve more publicity results.
  • Digital audit. Research of the attitude of publics and influencers towards the digital activities of the company and recommendations for improvement of the activities to achieve more engagement from publics.
  • Audit of the processes. Research of the working processes between the communication department of the company and PR agency or other communication subcontractors. Recommendations for optimization and increasing of satisfaction from the cooperation.


Measurement and evaluation of the success of the campaign or PR activity and the audience reached.

  • Analysis of media outcomes. Measurement and evaluation of the success of the PR campaign, activation or event in media – quantitative, qualitative and content indicators, as well as business results.
  • Analysis of the digital results. Measurement and evaluation of the success of the PR campaign, activation or event in the digital channels – quantitative, qualitative and content indicators, as well as business results.
  • Analysis of publics. Profile and characteristics of the publics, reached by the PR campaign or event, as well as assessment of their behavior and business benefits.


Measurement and assessment of users’ reaction to the PR campaign or other PR activity – behavioral indexes and business effects.

  • Awareness index. Represents the level of awareness of the audience for the company, PR campaign or activation or the event.
  • Trust index. Represents the level of the confidence/trust of the publics to the company/brand (generally and as a result from the PR activities).
  • Added value index. Represents the added value of the PR activities



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