Brexit will indirectly affect Bulgarian companies, while the changes in transport will do it directly

The 7th Coface Risk Management Conference will be held on April 18, and other sectoral and country risks will be presented


Regardless of whether or not Brexit will happen with a deal or not, it will have a significant impact on trade in Europe, with the implications for Bulgaria being indirect, say analysts from Coface. The effects will show up through our major trading partners – Germany and Italy, as our commodity turnover with Britain is not that high.

However, the situation in the transport sector is not so encouraging. It is unclear in what format the EU transport package will be adopted but in the near future the transport sector will be characterized by high levels of risk, although in the long run, positive developments are expected, especially for air transport. Damage in this sector is already increasing. The greatest impact on transport will come from changing the posting and restricting cabotage.

“According to Coface’s analysts, those are the hottest country and the hottest sector in Europe today and it is important they be monitored. Valuable information on other sectoral and country risks around the world will be provided at the traditional Coface Risk Management Conference, which will take place on 18 April in Hilton” – said Milena Videnova, Coface’s manager for Bulgaria.