ZAHARNI ZAVODI launches a highly automated installation for ethyl alcohol

ZAHARNI ZAVODI, one of the biggest manufacturers in the food industry in Bulgaria, put into operation a new installation for the production of ethanol. The equipment is based on innovative technology and its processes have a very high level of automation. Thanks to the new power, the production capacity of the company will increase to […]

Brexit will indirectly affect Bulgarian companies, while the changes in transport will do it directly

The 7th Coface Risk Management Conference will be held on April 18, and other sectoral and country risks will be presented   Regardless of whether or not Brexit will happen with a deal or not, it will have a significant impact on trade in Europe, with the implications for Bulgaria being indirect, say analysts from […]

IKEA presented a new global strategy for sustainable lifestyles

Ikea presented its new global strategy “For People and the Planet”, through which it will inspire and give people more opportunities for a sustainable lifestyle. Part of the commitments in the global strategy that need to be fulfilled are to remove all disposable plastic products from the IKEA global range by 2020, to design all […]

The insolvencies in Bulgaria are decreasing, but in Central and Eastern countries are growing

Trends in insolvency in Central and Eastern European countries are turning – after falling from 6% in 2016 and from 14% in 2015, it grew by 6.4% in 2017. This is happening against the backdrop of improved economic activity in the region in recent years, especially when in 2017 average GDP growth rose to 4.5% […]